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TWO of Sydney's more desirable waterside areas are contaminated with toxic material that may cause cancer.
A carcinogenic gas has been spewing from the exhaust stacks of a medical supplies company on the northern beaches since 2002, it was revealed yesterday.
This story is disturbing on several levels.
Residents who asked to see the report were told to apply under freedom-of-information laws.
Obviously something to hide.
The report's strong recommendation for exhaustive testing of the whole park has not been followed up, prompting residents to accuse the council of putting children's health at risk. The park contains a playground and sports fields, and is popular with dog walkers.

"Of course, council staff will monitor the site closely and will take appropriate action,"

Sure, "Trust me, I'm from the government!"

This story is the tip of the iceberg. All over Australia there are contaminated sites that were polluted when we knew no better. We are supposed to know better now, but I don't trust the bastards charged with protecting our health when their own arses are their priority.
The pursuit of the dollar being todays god, human sacrifice is common.

We need a map of toxicity, freely available to all, air quality, soil toxicity, salinity and other relevant data. Asbestos is a case in point. it's everywhere!
and these bastards want to mine and sell uranium, sheeshe

UPDATE: 14 aug,
The Sydney Morning Herald says 14 children in and around Mona Vale have developed cancer in the 10 years since Unomedical began discharging the gas, which the World Health Organisation and NSW Health lists as a carcinogen

OK, this is bad enough, albeit localised. However, isn't it funny that this story is filling the Murdoch press while the radiation leak from Australias obsolete nuclear reactor doesn't get a mention. I'm sure the new ones will be just spiffy.

The pipe coughed radioactive gas into the atmosphere and exposed a technician to potentially dangerous radiation. The accident comes as the Federal Government has launched an inquiry into the future of nuclear power in Australia, which is deeply unpopular with the Opposition and environmental groups
the incident was an example of what Australia might face if nuclear power became one of the nation's power sources. "The local community deserves to be told what actually happened at the Lucas Heights reactor last Thursday, and why the release of radioactive gases was not made public,"

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