Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Breeding can be a lot of fun. I did some myself as a younger man, however I am referring to AXYLOTLS, also called MEXICAN WALKING FISH, and MUD PUPPIES. It's mostly hard work, I mean aside from admiring them for what they are, and what they can offer, they aren't as much fun as , say, a puppy ...... AXYLOTL may contain the secret of eternal youth.
The Axolotl is a fascinating creature for a number of reasons, including its grotesque appearance, its ability to regenerate, and primarily the fact that it exhibits the phenomenon known as neoteny. Ordinarily, amphibians undergo metamorphosis from egg to larva (the tadpole in frogs is a larva), and finally to adult form. The Axolotl, along with a number of other amphibians, remains in its larval form throughout its life. It grows much larger than a normal larval salamander, and it reaches sexual maturity in this larval stage.the axolotl is fully capable of complete limb re-growth. The animal has the added scientific attraction of having especially large embryos, making it easier to deal with under laboratory conditions. Its embryo is also very robust, and can be spliced and combined with different parts of other axolotl embryos with a high degree of success.