Monday, June 05, 2006


WA rejects nuclear power plant
From: AAP
June 04, 2006
A LIST of 14 possible sites for a nuclear power plant in Australia were a facade to soften up the West to accept a nuclear waste dump, the West Australian premier Alan Carpenter said today.
A submission to federal cabinet nine years ago reportedly lists a number of sites for a nuclear power plant.
The document was obtained by a Sydney newspaper.
"People would not only be surprised but stunned to learn that the federal cabinet considered possible sites ... without disclosing them to any state government," Mr Carpenter said today.
In a statement issued afterwards, Mr Carpenter said the leaked submission named sites in the electorate of O'Connor held by Wilson Tuckey, Brand held by Kim Beazley, Canning held by David Johnson and Pearse held by Judi Moylan.
Mr Carpenter says the document specifically mentions a site near Perth airport.
"People should wake up to what's happening around Australia, particularly in WA," said Mr Carpenter. "Only a few weeks ago, we had three prominent WA Liberal MPs supporting a nuclear waste dump in WA," he said.
"This is all a facade in the Howard Government's push to soften up West Australians for a nuclear waste dump."
Western Australia is obviously the target for waste disposal....... to be continued.

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