Sunday, April 23, 2006


Australians have been dying for other countries causes since the beginning. We went from FOR KING AND COUNTRY to ALL FOR EMPIRE to ALL THE WAY WITH L.B.J..... (shudder).

Australia has sacrificed the flower of it's youth for other nations "Noble Causes" throughout it's history.
The ANZAC legend is painted in blood. The sacrifice was immense, 64.8% of Australians, and 58.4% of New Zealanders that sailed off to WW1 (The 'great' war, to end all wars) didn't come home.
Worthy sons of the empire, we may be, but we have paid a terrible price. Imagine where Australia would be today if the cream of our manhood had been at home, building our own nation?

The recent tragedy of Jacob Kovko dying of a gunshot wound to the head in a barracks in Iraq is a sickening blow to Australians.

At a time when most thinking Australians are alarmed at our continued participation in a war of aggression based on LIES, and a case being built to invade Iran with strategic nukes, the death of Kovko should give pause to those supporting John Winston Howard and his infatuation with Bush and the P.N.A.C. ambitions of world military intimidation.

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